About us


Adverticum AdServer is a complex but easy to use cost-efficient ad serving solution that minimizes the campaign administration and maximizes the inventory monetization.


Hungary’s market leader ad serving solution has almost 15-year-old professional experience and it serves 16 billion ads a month to the computer of almost 5 million internet users in Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and Croatia.

The development of Adverticum AdServer works out by harmonizing global market trends and local client needs. Adverticum is engaged in providing great product support and in fulfilling unique needs of its clients flexibly.


More about Adverticum AdServer in general

IAB Interact conference in Berlin

Interact, IAB Europe’s major annual event, is the essential meeting-place where leading European advertisers, industry experts, agencies and media owners gather for digital insight, debate and inspiration.

Mobile banners on demo site

Adverticum's demo site was extended with mobile ad types that are part of the IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad unit.

How AdServer works

There is an infographic that shows how the AdServer works, what it does and its basic players.